10 Exciting Variations of UNO to Try


Do you remember the thrill of shouting “UNO” as you played your second-last card, sparking laughter, camaraderie, and intense competition at the gaming table? UNO, introduced in 1971, has become a beloved part of our game nights, gathering families and friends for over 50 years. However, have you recently felt that you’re falling into the familiar rhythm of the game, craving something strategically different, something refreshing? You’re not alone! The endless charm of UNO comes mainly from its flexibility, allowing for countless variations of UNO that can completely reinvent how the game is played.

UNO game night - new variations of UNO

At Active Board Games, we believe that discovering new versions of your favourite games should be exciting and straightforward. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the ten most exciting UNO variations, each bringing a unique twist to the classic game you know and love. Whether adding an element of surprise in the UNO Attack, tapping into your artistic side with the Museum of Graffiti UNO, or diving into the Marvel Universe with the Ultimate Marvel Edition, these variations will redefine your UNO experience.

Exciting New Variations Of UNO

Here’s a glance at what you can expect:

  • UNO Attack: Introduces a special “Attack” card for a thrilling twist.
  • UNO Flip: Changes the pace with a flip of the draw pile.
  • UNO Ultimate Marvel Edition (2nd Edition): UNO with a superhero twist.
  • Dragon Ball Z UNO: A nod to the anime enthusiasts.
  • Encanto UNO: A magical twist to the classic game.
  • Museum of Graffiti UNO: A blend of art and UNO.
  • UNO Buffet: Start with a feast of cards.
  • UNO Rummy: A strategic crossover of two classics.
  • UNO Stack: A towering challenge awaits you.
  • UNO War: Ready for a battle of wits and luck?
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With these variations at your fingertips, it’s time to add a flavour of novelty to your next UNO game night. So buckle up, draw those cards, and embrace the unpredictable fun these distinct versions of UNO offer. You might even create a new favourite for your gaming tradition!

UNO Attack

As we delve into UNO variants, the first stop on our list is the exciting and fast-paced UNO Attack. This spin-off brings an element of surprise and suspense to the classic game, making it a favourite among seasoned players and newbies.

Overview of UNO Attack

UNO Attack, also known as UNO Extreme in some parts of the world, takes the traditional UNO gameplay and adds a fun, unpredictable twist. The game includes an electronic card shooter and a unique deck of cards that players use alongside the shooter.

The concept behind UNO Attack is simple – it’s still about matching cards by colour or number, and the player who empties their hand first is the winner. However, the random card shooter sets this version apart, which can shoot out a slew of cards at any moment, completely changing the game’s dynamics. This adds a layer of thrill and suspense to the game, keeping players on their toes from start to finish.

UNO Attack - new variations of UNO

Unique Rules of UNO Attack

The key distinguishing feature of UNO Attack is the ‘Attack’ card. When players play an Attack card, they activate the card shooter, which could eject a random number of cards the next player must add to their hand.

The number of cards the shooter ejects is entirely unpredictable – it could be two, it could be ten, or it could be none! The unpredictability of the card shooter adds a fun and exciting element to the game, making each round a nail-biting experience.

Another unique aspect of UNO Attacks is the Stack Attacks rule. If players cannot match the card in play, they press the launcher button. If the launcher doesn’t shoot any cards, they’re safe and play moves to the next person. But if it does, they must add all the shot cards to their hand.

To keep the game exciting, players can also yell “ATTACKKK” when they play an Attack card, adding a fun, interactive element to the game.

So, if you’re ready to face the suspense and thrill of the unexpected, grab your friends, shuffle those cards, and get ready for a UNO Attack showdown! It’s one of the new variations of UNO that will make your game night a hit.

UNO Flip

As we continue exploring new variations of UNO, let’s turn our attention to an exciting twist on the classic game – UNO Flip. This variant introduces a new dynamic to the game that will keep you on your toes!

Overview of UNO Flip

Like its classic counterpart, UNO Flip is a colourful and strategic card game. However, the excitement in UNO Flip lies in its double-sided deck. One side of the deck features the classic UNO cards we all know and love, while the flip side introduces dark cards with unique penalties and boosts. This adds a new layer of suspense and unpredictability, as the game can flip at any moment, changing the flow and strategy.

Unique Rules of UNO Flip

The crucial rule in UNO Flip is the introduction of the Flip card. When a player puts down a Flip card, all players must flip their hands to the other side, and the game continues with the new set of cards. This switch can dramatically alter the course of the game, making it a thrilling variation to play.

The dark side of the deck introduces some exciting cards, such as the Wild Draw Color card. This card allows you to choose the next colour to be played and forces the next player to draw until they get a card of that colour. Another intriguing card is the Draw Five card, which forces the next player to draw five cards.

However, don’t let the tough penalties on the dark side intimidate you. There are also beneficial cards, like the Skip Everyone card, that lets you skip all players and take another turn.

As you can see, UNO Flip offers a refreshing twist to the traditional UNO game, making it one of the new variations of UNO that you should try. It introduces surprises and adds an extra layer of strategy to the game. UNO Flip is ready to flip your gaming experience and take it to a new level!

UNO Ultimate Marvel Edition (2nd Edition)

Overview of UNO Ultimate Marvel

If you’re a fan of Marvel’s superheroes and UNO, you’re in for a treat! The UNO Ultimate Marvel Edition (2nd Edition) combines the best of both worlds, bringing your favorite Marvel characters into this classic card game. The game includes four started decks, each featuring UNO cards adorned with the likenesses of popular Marvel characters like Hulk, Black Widow, Shuri, and Captain America.

This version of UNO also includes four special foil chase cards. These are unique to the game and can be substituted for some of the other UNO Marvel cards. So, not only do you get a fun new variation of UNO, but you also get a set of collectible Marvel cards to boot!

Unique Rules of UNO Ultimate Marvel Edition (2nd Edition)

UNO Ultimate Marvel Edition introduces a fresh twist to the classic UNO rules. While the basic concept of matching colours and numbers remains the same, the special Marvel-themed cards add a layer of strategy and excitement to the game.

For instance, the foil chase cards have unique abilities that can instantly change the game’s course. Use these cards wisely to gain an advantage over your opponents. And, just like in the classic game, the first player to discard all their cards wins. However, don’t forget to yell “UNO!” when you’re down to your last card!

So, whether you’re a Marvel fan or just looking for fun, new variations of UNO, the UNO Ultimate Marvel Edition (2nd Edition) promises to deliver a thrilling gaming experience. Ready to unleash your inner superhero and play UNO like never before? Visit our UNO category page to learn more about this game and others!

Dragon Ball Z UNO: Anime Meets Card Game

We have something exciting that combines your passions for all anime lovers and UNO enthusiasts. Yes, folks, we’re talking about Dragon Ball Z UNO, a new variation of UNO that incorporates the iconic characters from the popular Dragon Ball franchise into the classic card game.

Overview of Dragon Ball Z UNO

Dragon Ball Z UNO was launched in December 2022. This spinoff game features your favourite characters from the Dragon Ball universe, including Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and many more. Like the original game, Dragon Ball Z UNO includes 112 cards. However, this version introduces a unique card called the Shenron’s Wish Wild Card, adding a different spin to the gameplay.

Unique Rules of Dragon Ball Z UNO

In this new variant of UNO, Shenron’s Wish Wild Card adds a unique twist to the game. When this card is played, you flip over the top card of the draw pile and place it in the discard pile. If the flipped card features a Dragon Ball icon, players can choose one of the following actions:

  • The next player draws 2 cards
  • Reverse the Direction of gameplay
  • Skip any Player’s Turn
  • Discard another card from your hand

The turn ends if the flipped card doesn’t feature a Dragonball icon. However, you can still change the colour of the gameplay, keeping the game unpredictable and exciting.

Dragon Ball Z UNO is not just another UNO game variation. It’s a fun and engaging way to bring your favorite anime characters into your game nights. It’s perfect for series fans or anyone looking for a fresh twist on the classic UNO game.

Ready to embark on an exciting Dragon Ball Z adventure with UNO? Learn more about Dragon Ball Z UNO and other new variations of UNO on our Dragon Ball Z UNO page.

Encanto UNO

As we continue our exploration of new variations of UNO, we invite you to step into a world of magic, family ties, and vibrant colours with Encanto UNO. Released in December 2022, this UNO variant takes inspiration from Disney’s animated movie Encanto. It’s a captivating blend of the classic UNO gameplay mechanics you love and the enchanting world of Encanto.

Overview of Encanto UNO

Encanto UNO brings your favorite characters from the Madrigal family to your game nights. Each card in the deck features charming illustrations of characters like Mirabel, Isabela, Luisa, and Bruno. Not only does this variant provide a refreshing visual experience, but it also adds unique gameplay twists that make every round feel like a magical journey.

Unique Rules of Encanto UNO

Just like other UNO variants, Encanto UNO includes 112 cards. But what makes it stand out is the special card called the Don’t Talk UNO Wild card. When this card is played, the player has to choose one of the other players who will not be allowed to speak (except saying UNO) until any player declares UNO. If the silenced player speaks before they are allowed to, they must draw three cards. This rule adds a layer of humour and excitement to the game, as players must remember to keep silent while strategizing their next moves.

Encanto UNO is a must-try for Disney fans, UNO enthusiasts, or anyone who enjoys a fun and challenging card game. This new variation of UNO successfully combines the heartwarming themes and characters of Encanto with the fast-paced, strategic gameplay of UNO.

Ready to experience the magic of Encanto UNO? Dive into this enchanting world and discover more about Encanto UNO and other exciting variations on our Encanto UNO page.

Museum of Graffiti UNO

Overview of Museum of Graffiti UNO

Our next stop for exploring new variations of UNO is a deck that takes us on a unique artistic journey – Museum of Graffiti UNO. This fantastic deck was launched in 2022 and offers a delightful blend of traditional UNO gameplay with the vibrancy of street art.

The Museum of Graffiti UNO deck features artwork from eight street artists: Merlot, QueenAndrea, RasTerms, Finok, Sneke One, Ladie One, Tones Rock, and Yubia. Each artist designed an exclusive Wild card for this deck, which was introduced during the Miami Beach Art Basel Event. This UNO deck is a card game and a portable art exhibition showcasing the bold and colourful world of graffiti art.

Unique Rules of Museum of Graffiti UNO

What sets the Museum of Graffiti UNO apart from other UNO decks is its artistic flair and unique gameplay elements. While it retains the standard 112-card deck but doesn’t have a specific UNO Wild card. Instead, this deck offers a total of 8 unique Wild cards, each designed by a different artist. This means that you get 4 extra Wild cards than a standard UNO deck, adding a new layer of strategy to your gameplay.

Just like with any UNO game, the goal is to be the first player to discard all of your cards by matching them with the card on the top of the discard pile in either color or number. But, with the extra Wild cards in play, the game becomes even more unpredictable and exciting.

So, are you ready to explore an artistic adventure with the Museum of Graffiti UNO? You can explore more about this unique UNO deck and other exciting variations on our Museum of Graffiti UNO page.

UNO Buffet

As we continue our exploration of new variations of UNO, let’s turn our attention to UNO Buffet. Instead of the traditional seven-card hand, UNO Buffet presents a heftier challenge. Players begin with a buffet-sized hand of 10 or even 20 cards!

Overview of UNO Buffet

UNO Buffet is a homemade variation of the classic UNO, where players start out with more cards in their hands. This version can lead to dramatic runs of playing like-numbered cards and allows for more strategic moves. However, as a word of caution, while it’s tempting to stack cards, remember that the official UNO rules do not allow this. But of course, in your home, your rules apply!

Unique Rules and Gameplay Elements of UNO Buffet

The gameplay of UNO Buffet is similar to the original UNO but with more cards at the beginning. This means you must be even more strategic to win this game. The challenge is efficiently using your larger hand to your advantage, playing like numbers and colors to decrease your card count quickly.

However, be warned: with a larger hand, the risk of drawing many cards due to action cards also increases. It’s more important than ever to play your high-point cards early on to avoid accumulating points at the end of the game.

If you’re looking for a fun and challenging twist on the classic UNO game, UNO Buffet is the way to go. It’s a feast of strategy and quick thinking that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours. Ready to dive into this buffet of fun? You can explore the UNO Buffet and other exciting variations on our UNO Variations page.

UNO Rummy

If you’re a fan of UNO and Rummy, you’re in for a treat. Imagine the thrill of playing UNO with an exciting twist of Rummy rules. This is exactly what UNO Rummy offers, combining the fast-paced action of UNO with the strategic gameplay of Rummy.

Overview of UNO Rummy

One of the fascinating new variations of UNO, UNO Rummy, is an innovative blend of two all-time favorite card games. This unique combination amplifies the fun by incorporating Rummy’s concept of forming sequences and sets into the vibrant world of UNO.

Unlike the traditional UNO game, UNO Rummy adds strategic depth, making the gameplay more challenging and engaging. This variation is perfect for players who enjoy strategizing and outwitting their opponents.

Unique Rules of UNO Rummy

While UNO Rummy offers a delightful blend of two games, it also brings unique rules and gameplay elements. Players still match cards based on colour and number, but the objective changes. Instead of trying to be the first to get rid of all your cards, the goal in UNO Rummy is to form sets or sequences with your cards, just like in Rummy.

You must watch your opponents’ moves and strategize accordingly to prevent them from forming their sets or sequences while attempting to complete your own. The game is about speed, strategy, and careful planning.

Introducing Rummy rules into UNO adds excitement and challenge to the game, making it a must-try for all UNO and Rummy lovers.

Intrigued? On our UNO Variations page, you can learn more about UNO Rummy and other exciting UNO variations. Whether you’re an experienced player or a beginner, these variations promise a fresh, thrilling experience every time you play.

UNO Stack: A Towering Challenge

As we continue exploring new variations of UNO, let’s step into UNO Stack. This thrilling version combines UNO’s classic card game mechanics with the tension and excitement of a collapsing tower game. This combination takes the game to a new level of fun and strategy, making each play a nail-biting experience.

Overview of UNO Stack

UNO Stack is a unique blend of card play and physical dexterity. While maintaining the traditional elements of matching colours and numbers, it adds a new layer of gameplay where players must remove and stack blocks from a tower without causing it to collapse. This new variation adds a physical and visual element to the game, keeping players on the edge of their seats.

Unique Rules of UNO Stack

Each player takes turns drawing and discarding cards in UNO Stack as in traditional UNO. However, the twist comes when a particular “Stack” card is played. When this happens, the next player must draw a card and remove a block from the tower and place it on top without causing the tower to topple over. If the tower collapses, the player who caused it to fall is penalized with additional cards.

This variation introduces an exciting dynamic where you must strategize your card plays and need a steady hand and keen eye to navigate the tower stacking challenge successfully.

In UNO Stack, your card game strategy and your physical skill are tested. Can you handle the pressure and keep the tower standing while getting rid of your cards? Only time will tell!

Are you ready to take on this towering challenge? Then, visit our UNO Stack page for more details and rules. Let’s keep the UNO fun going, one block at a time!


Overview of UNO War

Our final stop in discovering new variations of UNO takes us to the thrilling world of UNO War. This variation of UNO isn’t just about matching colours and numbers; it’s a strategic duel that blends the classic UNO gameplay with elements of the card game War.

In UNO War, each card play becomes a battle, and the game dynamics can shift instantly, making it an exciting and unpredictable variation of the classic UNO game. This game variation is perfect for those who love to mix strategy with a bit of luck!

Unique Rules of UNO War

UNO War introduces a new rule that pauses play when one player matches after another. At this point, the two players engage in a standoff, creating a mini-game within the game. Each player plays two cards face-down, followed by a third card face-up. The player with the highest face-up card wins the standoff, and the loser must accept all of the cards into their hand.

This new twist on the game rules adds exciting suspense and strategy to each round. Players must carefully consider each card play, knowing it could trigger a standoff. It’s a game of wits, luck, and strategy that will keep you on your toes and make each UNO game a unique experience.

Ready to step onto the battlefield of the UNO War? Visit our UNO War page for more details and rules. Let’s see who will emerge victorious in this battle of wits and luck!


As we have journeyed through the 10 exciting variations of UNO, it’s clear that the appeal of this classic game is its adaptability. From the thrilling twists of UNO Attack to the surprises of UNO Flip, each variant has unique rules and gameplay elements that make the game fresh and exciting.

Engage your favorite superheroes in the UNO Ultimate Marvel Edition (2nd Edition), or immerse yourself in anime with Dragon Ball Z UNO. For fans of Disney’s Encanto, the Encanto UNO offers a magical journey right on your game table.

For those inclined towards artistry, the Museum of Graffiti UNO provides an artistic twist to the game. UNO Buffet is your best bet if you’re in for a feast of fun and strategy. Meanwhile, UNO Rummy brings together two classic games in one, and UNO Stack introduces a towering challenge to the mix.

Finally, let’s not forget the battle of wits and luck in the UNO War. Each variant brings its unique flavour, making every UNO game night memorable.

We encourage you to try these new variations of UNO and discover a different side of your favourite card game. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie, these variations will certainly level up your UNO game and provide hours of fun and excitement.

Whether playing the classic UNO or experimenting with these exciting variations, the goal is to have fun and enjoy the camaraderie that board games bring. So gather your friends, shuffle those cards, and prepare for an exciting game night with these engaging UNO variants.

To explore these variations in detail, you can check out our comprehensive guides on how to play UNO and different types of UNO cards. Happy playing!

UNO Variations - new variations of UNO

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