All UNO Card Meanings with Pictures

UNO Card Meanings with Pictures

The game consists of 112 cards: 25 in each of four color cards (red, yellow, green, blue), each card consisting of one zero, 1 to 9 number cards, and two each of the action cards “Skip”, “Draw Two”, and “Reverse”.

To get you started, here’s a quick summary table of All UNO cards meaning:

  • Number cards (0-9): Match these by number or color
  • Draw Two: The next player must draw two cards and miss their turn
  • Reverse: Switches the direction of play
  • Skip: Skips the next player’s turn
  • Wild: Play at any time, choose the next color in play
  • Wild Draw Four: Play on any card, decide the color to play next, and the following player draws four cards
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The Basic UNO Cards and Their Meanings

Numbered Cards (0-9)

Numbered cards form the foundation of the UNO game. They are basic cards with values ranging from 0 to 9 in four different colors: red, yellow, green, and blue. You can play these cards when the previous card is the same color or has the same number.

Draw Two Card

The Draw Two card in UNO is a powerful weapon in your arsenal. Available in all four colors, when you play this card, the next player must draw two cards from the deck and forfeit their turn. It’s a great way to put your opponents on the back foot!

Reverse Card

Just as the name suggests, the Reverse card reverses the direction of play. If the game was moving clockwise, it will now go counter-clockwise and vice versa. It’s a handy card to disrupt the flow of the game and potentially save yourself from a Draw Two or Skip card!

Skip Card

The Skip card is a strategic card that allows you to skip the next player’s turn. Available in all four colors, it’s a valuable card to hold onto, especially when you’re playing with more than two players. Use it wisely to gain an advantage over your opponents!

Understanding these basic UNO cards and their meanings is the first step to becoming a seasoned player. However, to truly master the game, you’ll need to get to grips with the action and special cards, which we’ll cover in the next section. Stay tuned for more insights on the exciting world of UNO!

At Active Board Games, we are passionate about sharing our love for board and card games. We believe that understanding the rules and strategies of games like UNO can significantly enhance your enjoyment and competitive edge. Happy gaming!

Exploring the Special Action Cards in UNO

UNO is a game full of surprises, and a big part of that comes from the special action cards. These cards are game-changers, literally, and can completely turn the tables in your favor, or against you.

all uno cards explained
all uno cards explained

Wild Card

The first special action card we have is the Wild Card. As the name suggests, this card is truly wild. It can represent any color, and you can play it on any card. When you play a Wild Card, you get to decide the color that the next player has to play. It’s a strategic card that you can use when you’re stuck or when you want to switch things up!

Wild Draw Four Card

Next up is the Wild Draw Four Card. This card is somewhat similar to the Wild Card, but with an added twist. Not only can you decide the next color, but the next player also has to draw four cards and lose their turn. However, there’s a catch. You can only play this card if you don’t have any other card of the current color in your hand. If you play it illegally and get challenged by another player, you might end up drawing four cards yourself!

Wild Swap Hands Card

One of the new Wild cards introduced by Mattel is the Wild Swap Hands Card. This card lets you swap your entire hand with another player. It’s a great card to play when you have a lot of cards and someone else has just a few. However, keep in mind that the tables can also turn against you later in the game.

Wild Customizable Card

Lastly, we have the Wild Customizable Card. This card opens up a world of possibilities as you can create your own rule for this card. You could make it a skip card, a reverse card, or even a card that forces another player to draw ten cards. It’s all up to your imagination and strategy.

At Active Board Games, we believe that knowing when and how to use these special action cards can significantly enhance your UNO game strategy. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the unique cards found in UNO variations in the next section. Happy gaming!

The Unique Cards in UNO Variations

As UNO enthusiasts ourselves, we at Active Board Games have explored numerous variations of the game. One of the most exciting aspects of these variations is the introduction of unique action cards. Let’s take a look at some of these cards and their meanings, complete with pictures to help you identify them.

The Creeper Card in UNO Minecraft

UNO Minecraft introduces a new action card known as the Creeper card. When you draw this card, show it to the other players, and they’ll have to draw three more cards! The goal of UNO – including its variations – is to be the first to get rid of all your cards. So, this Creeper card can be a game-changer, creating unexpected twists and challenges for your competitors.

Wild Hit Fire and Wild All Hit in UNO Attack

The Wild Hit Fire card in UNO Attack is intended to be the leading card played to grab victory. When you play this card, you call out a new color, and the player next to you must hit the launcher until it shoots out cards. These cards add up to their hand, and they forfeit their turn.

The Wild All Hit card is another crowd favorite in UNO Attack. This card forces each player (except the one who played the card) to push the launcher button. The players then must add any cards to their hands that shoot out from the launcher. The player who played the Wild All Hit card, calls the next color.

Discard All, Trade Hands, and Hit Two in UNO Attack

The Discard All card allows you to discard all of the cards of a certain color from your hand. For instance, if you play a red “Discard All” card, you can discard all the red cards in your hand.

The Trade Hands card is another unique card in UNO Attack that allows you to trade your hand with another player’s hand.


And last but not least, the Hit Two card forces the next player to hit the launcher twice, adding the launched cards to their hand.

Scoring in UNO

Scoring Points

In UNO, scoring is straightforward. Each card has a particular point value. The points you score at the end of each round depend on the cards left in your opponents’ hands. Here’s how it works:

  • Numbered Cards (0-9): These have the face value. For instance, a card showing number 5 is worth 5 points.
  • Draw Two, Reverse, and Skip Cards: These are all worth 20 points each.
  • Wild Cards and Wild Draw Four Cards: These have the highest value of 50 points each.
  • Wild Swap Hands and Wild Customizable Cards: These special cards are worth 40 points each.

The winner of the round gets to add all these points from the remaining cards of the other players.

The Goal: Reaching 500 Points

The ultimate goal in UNO is to be the first player to reach 500 points. This rule applies to the standard game and its variations. However, you can adjust this target based on your own preferences or available time. The player who reaches the agreed-upon score first is the overall winner.

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