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UNO Mario Kart

Mario Kart Uno is more than just a card game — it’s an engaging race infused with the thrilling elements of the Mario Kart world. Featuring an exclusive wild card only obtainable in this collector’s pack and a race to shout ‘Uno!’, it’s a fantastic way to level up your family’s friendly competition.

To help you get started without going through the complete guide, here’s the quick breakdown of the rules of Mario Kart Uno:

  • Match cards by color or number, trying to discard all your cards first.
  • Don’t forget to yell “Uno!” when you’re down to one card.
  • Use an exclusive wild card found only in this collector’s pack.
  • Action cards bring the Mario Kart twist to the game, changing the course of the game.

Here’s an infographic to visually summarize the important elements.

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The Basics of Uno

The Objective of Uno

The main objective of Uno is to be the first player to discard all your cards. This is achieved by matching the color, number, or symbol of the top card on the discard pile during your turn. If you can’t make a match, you’ll need to draw a card from the draw pile. The goal is to get rid of your cards as quickly as possible.

mario kart uno game - mario kart uno rules

The Role of Color, Number, and Symbol Cards

The Uno deck is comprised of four different colored suits (red, blue, green, and yellow), each containing number cards from 0 to 9. These color and number cards form the bulk of the game and are the primary cards you’ll be playing to match the top card on the discard pile.

In addition to the color and number cards, Uno also includes special action cards: Draw Two, Reverse, and Skip. These cards, when played, can alter the flow of the game, giving you an advantage or putting your opponents at a disadvantage.

For instance, the Draw Two card forces the next player to draw two cards from the draw pile and lose their turn. The Reverse card changes the direction of play, while the Skip card makes the next player lose their turn.

Uno Cards

The Importance of Saying “Uno”

As you play, it’s crucial to remember one of the most iconic rules of Uno: when you’re down to your last card, you must shout “Uno!” This rule adds a layer of excitement and tension to the game. If you forget to say “Uno” and another player catches you before the next player takes their turn, you must draw two cards as a penalty.

Special Rules in Mario Kart Uno

In this section, we will delve deeper into the unique aspects of the Mario Kart Uno game. The special rules in Mario Kart Uno revolve around four key elements: action cards, the Super Star card, the Wild Draw Four card, and the Wild Item Box card. Understanding these elements is crucial to mastering the Mario Kart Uno.

How to Play Mario Kart Uno

mario kart uno action cards - mario kart uno rules

Setting Up the Game

Setting up for a thrilling game of Mario Kart Uno is simple. Begin by selecting a dealer who will shuffle the deck of 112 cards. Next, the dealer distributes seven cards to each player face down. It’s essential to keep your cards a secret from your opponents!

The remaining cards form the draw pile with the top card flipped over to start the discard pile. If this revealed card is an action card, just ignore its special effect for now and reveal another card. The game kickstarts with the player to the left of the dealer and continues clockwise.

The Gameplay Process

The essence of the gameplay process in Mario Kart Uno lies in matching. On your turn, you’ll look at the top card of the discard pile and try to find a matching card from your hand based on color, number, or symbol. If you have an action card, playing it will introduce a fun twist to the game (source: Geeky Hobbies).

Should you find yourself without a matching card, draw the top card from the draw pile. If this new card matches the top card on the discard pile, you can play it immediately. If not, simply add it to your hand. When the draw pile runs out of cards, shuffle the discard pile to form a new draw pile.

The Role of Action Cards

Action cards are the heart of the game and can dramatically change the course of play. In total, there are 7 different types of Action/Symbol cards in Uno Super Mario. They include the Skip card, which forces the next player to lose their turn, the Reverse card, which changes the direction of play, and the Draw Two card, which forces the next player to draw two cards and skip their turn.

There are also some unique action cards in Mario Kart Uno. The Banana Peel card forces the previous player to draw two cards, the Green Shell card lets the current player choose an opponent to draw a card, the Lightning Bolt card makes everyone else draw a card and allows the player to take another turn, and the Bob-omb card forces the current player to draw two cards and choose the next color to be played.

The Power of the Super Star Card

The Super Star card is an exclusive feature in Mario Kart Uno. This card allows the player who draws it to block an incoming Wild Draw Four or Draw Two card. In other words, if you’re targeted with one of these cards, you can play the Super Star to avoid drawing extra cards. This ability makes the Super Star card a powerful defensive tool in the game.

The Function of the Wild Draw Four Card

The Wild Draw Four card is a staple in any Uno game, and it carries over to Mario Kart Uno as well. This card not only allows you to change the color of play but also forces the next player to draw four cards from the Draw pile and lose their turn. However, be careful when playing this card – if another player challenges you and you could have played a different card instead, you’ll be the one drawing four cards!

The Impact of the Wild Item Box Card

The Wild Item Box card is another unique element in Mario Kart Uno. When this card is played, the player draws an item card (Banana Peel, Green Shell, Lightning Bolt, or Bob-omb) and the corresponding action is activated. This can add an unexpected twist to the game and keep all players on their toes!

rules of Mario Kart Uno

Scoring and Winning in Mario Kart Uno

The objective of Mario Kart Uno is simple: Be the first to play all of your cards. However, remember to shout “UNO!” when you’re down to your last card. If you forget to do this and another player catches you, you’ll have to draw a penalty card from the pile (source: Active Board Games).

Scoring in Mario Kart Uno is based on the cards left in the hands of the losing players. Each number card is worth its face value, Draw Two and Reverse cards are worth 20 points each, and Wild and Wild Draw Four cards fetch a hefty 50 points each. The player who reaches 500 points first wins the game.

For those who want to explore more variations of the classic Uno game, we recommend checking out our guides on Uno Moo and Spicy Uno. These versions offer new twists and turns that are sure to keep you entertained

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