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UNO Triple Play

Uno Triple Play, a version of the beloved classic that has taken the gaming world by storm. It not just gives a fresh spin to the traditional gameplay but also levels up the challenge and fun with unique twists and special cards. The inclusion of three discard piles and triple cards, which allow a player the chance to discard up to three cards of the same color in one turn, are certain to make every round highly engaging.

Uno Triple Play
  • The Goal: Get rid of all your cards as in classic Uno, but now match with one out of three discard piles
  • The Components: A standard deck of 108 to 112 Uno cards, including special triple number and wild triple cards
  • The Gameplay: Play cards that match the number, color, or special ability on one of the three discard piles. The dynamics of the game change with special cards such as Swap Hands and Three of a Kind
  • The Strategy: Swift decision-making is the key, as players must adapt and respond to the continuously changing discard piles
Basics of Uno Triple Play

The Basics of Uno Triple Play

The Objective of Uno Triple Play

In Uno Triple Play, the main goal remains the same as the traditional game of Uno: to discard all your cards as quickly as possible. However, this version takes the excitement a notch higher by allowing players to match and discard cards on not one, but three discard piles.

Uno Triple Play Cards

The game comes with a deck that combines the standard Uno cards with exclusive triple number and wild triple cards. The deck contains up to 112 cards, including standard number cards (0-9 in 4 colors), standard action cards like Draw 2, Skip, Reverse, and Wild, plus the triple number and wild triple cards unique to Uno Triple Play. It also includes an optional scorepad to track points over multiple games.

How to Play Uno Triple Play

Setting up Uno Triple Play correctly is crucial for an enjoyable gaming experience. We’ve broken down this process into three simple steps for you: dealing the cards, setting up the Triple Play unit, and understanding the discard trays.

Dealing the Cards

As with the traditional game of Uno, to begin with, you need to shuffle the 108-card Uno deck thoroughly. Once shuffled, deal 7 cards to each player just as you would in the standard Uno game. The remaining cards should be placed face down to form a draw pile.

Setting Up the Triple Play Unit

Here’s where Uno Triple Play stands apart from the standard version. Unlike the standard Uno, which has just one discard pile, Uno Triple Play introduces the concept of three discard piles, adding an extra layer of excitement and strategy to the game.

To set up the Triple Play unit, flip over the top 3 cards of the draw pile to form the three separate discard piles. This allows players to have more options during their turn, as they can match and discard cards on any of these three piles.

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Uno Triple Play Rules

The gameplay of Uno Triple Play is where the real fun and challenge kick in. It’s similar to the classic Uno, but with additional rules that make the game more thrilling and engaging. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Play Your Turn

To kick off the game, the player next to the dealer plays a card that matches the color or number of the top card on the discard pile. For instance, if the top card is a red 5, you can play any red card or any card with the number 5. Wild or Wild Draw Four cards are also acceptable, as they allow you to select the color for the upcoming turn.

Can’t find a matching card in your hand? No worries! You can draw from the draw pile. If the card drawn matches, you can play it immediately. If not, keep it in your hand and your turn ends.

A key point to remember: if you’re down to one card, you must say “Uno” or raise one finger to signal it. Failure to do so before the next card is played results in a penalty of drawing two additional cards.

Understanding the Role of the Discard Piles

Unlike traditional Uno, Uno Triple Play introduces three discard piles, adding a twist to the game. On your turn, you can only discard to a pile that is lit up on the Triple Play unit. This means you must match a card in your hand to a card on one of the three lit-up discard piles.

What Happens When a Tray Overloads

As you play, keep an eye on the discard trays. Each tray can only hold a specific number of cards before it overloads. The lights in the Triple Play unit signify how close a pile is to overloading: green for safe, yellow for caution, and red means it’s close to overload. If a pile overloads, you’ll hear a sound and see a number displayed on the unit. This number indicates the number of cards (between one and four) you’ll need to draw from the pile.

How to Use Action Cards

In Uno Triple Play, action cards play a significant role, adding excitement and unpredictability to the game. For instance, playing a Reverse card changes the direction of play, while a Skip card skips the turn of the next player. You can also play a Discard Two of the Same Color card, either by itself or with another card of the same color. And let’s not forget about the Wild Clear card, which resets the overload color for a pile back to green.

Special Cards in Uno Triple Play

Uno Triple Play Card Meanings

The Role of Discard Two Card

In keeping with the classic Uno tradition, the Discard Two card in Uno Triple Play works much the same way. When this card is played, the next player must draw two cards from the draw pile and forfeits their turn. This card is a powerful tool for disrupting your opponents’ strategies and can be crucial in the game’s latter stages when the number of cards held by each player is fewer.

The Role of Wild Clear Card

The Wild Clear card is a unique addition to Uno Triple Play. When you play this card, it allows you to reset an overloaded discard pile back to green. Effectively, this card acts as a reset button, neutralizing the potential penalty from an overloaded pile. It’s a highly strategic card that can save you from drawing additional cards and can also be used to disrupt the plans of your opponents.

The Role of Wild Give Away Card

Another exciting addition to the game is the Wild Give Away card. This card allows you to give away your overloaded tray draw to another player. It’s an excellent way to offload a potential penalty to an opponent, particularly when the LED display indicates a high number of cards to be drawn.

Winning the Game of Uno Triple Play

How to Win Uno Triple Play

The objective of Uno Triple Play is simple – be the first to discard all your cards. The player who successfully manages to play all their cards first, following the rules, and yells out “Triple UNO!” is the winner of the game. It’s crucial to shout “Triple UNO!” as you play your last card, to avoid drawing three penalty cards.

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